The Royal Ascot 2017- Know the Exciting History Behind it!

For many people the opening race on the opening day of the annual 5 day Royal Ascot gathering in June is simply regarded as the Group 1, Queen Anne Stakes over one mile. People are well aware that the race usually attracts an extremely talented field of milers which could be colt or filly with an age limit of 4 years and that the winner will be one of the best at that distance in the world. This is so exciting isn’t it?

  • Not too many would realize why the race is called the Queen Anne Stakes with many more not knowing who even Queen Anne was and what significance she had as far as Royal Ascot meeting!
  • In fairness, there are many people who know that, Queen Anne way back in 1711 first mooted the idea of creating a large racecourse on the heath at East Cote (later to become Ascot), situated just 5 miles south of Windsor Castle and it was apparently her, who organized the first race meeting there. The meeting held in august same year.
  • Of course! That first meeting bears absolutely no similarity to the meeting that is has become 300 years on. In fact only 7 horses competed at that first meeting and they had to run thrice on the day over a distance of around 4 miles, with the winner being, presumably the last one standing well!
  • The meeting became popular for the next few years but then interest declined and was not revived again until the 1760’s by the Duke of Cumberland. His heavy interest stemmed from the stud and he ran at nearby Cranbourne and regular racing was soon went underway again and by 1768 it had already become a 4 day meeting.
  • Eventually in 1813, the parliament published a decision regarding the racecourse that, it would remain in the ownership of the Crown; its usage would be for the general public to enjoy the event. It was after that Act, that the Royal meeting really began to evolve and that is the reason why it has become one of Britain’s best loved sporting traditions today.
  • People from different regions visit this event, and I am sure, even you would want to check out this event either with your family or friends?

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Quick info about the meeting:

The meeting takes place over five days and hosts 30 races, with seven of them being at Group One level and seven at Group Two. Royal Ascot 2017 will be running from 21st – 24th June. Buy the tickets on discounted rates and try getting their into the groups as (they offer discounts on group tickets). I am going there for sure! Are you?


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