Did you know why People Choose Chauffeur Services?

Let us start with the fact that chauffeur services has made our lives so easy, Isn’t it? The major factors revolving around our life are “Time and money”. UK chauffeur services has helped us in both including others like wonderful customer service, punctuality, flexibility, and you would feel safe despite being non local here.

Quality Chauffeur Driven Cars - GS Car Hire London Chauffeurs

We usually have different things on our mind when we think of a luxury chauffeur driven car because when it comes to word “luxury” it ends up with expensive or a lot of money. But not when you are in the UK and also in good hands.

Your needs might be different from others while hiring a chauffeur driven services in UK, but it is always important for a person to consider certain necessary things in mind. Read these 4 considerations while choosing chauffeur driven services:

  1. Safety: It is always the most important factor that should be considered while selecting any chauffeur driven services. Always enquire about vehicle, safety records, and safety standards. If the company is not willing to provide this much of information then do not hire such company.
  1. Punctuality and flexibility:The chauffeur driven services must be punctual and should have a thorough punctuality records. The chauffeur providers should inform you in details about where and when they will be meeting you. Also, chauffeur providers’ needs to be flexible with their services. Usually, it is the case when your flight got delayed or your meeting extended for few more minutes, etc.
  1. Easy to find: Now days, everything is easy to find online and so are chauffeur driven services in UK. Most of the Chauffeur driven providers’ have their own websites. Simply Google for best chauffeur services in London and contact them for a quick quote and you will be able to find a perfect car for you as per your need.
  1. Chauffeur’s Experience and Expertise: The chauffeurs need to have expertise and valid experience in driving luxury cars so that one feels more comfortable while riding with them. A knowledgeable and experienced chauffeur might be a plus as he will be able to guide you in a better way than others, if you are a tourist and will be able to show you a lot more in a city then any new chauffeur.

So, there are various reasons for people to hire chauffeur driven car services. For instance attending any special events like weddings and parties, it can be for business meetings or for any airport pick-ups & drop-offs. Just keep these considerations in mind while choosing chauffeurs and all of this is going to be really affordable and safe while hiring chauffeur services in UK and you surely will have a joyful experience with the experienced and expert chauffeurs.


Bentley Cars in the Priority List of Chauffeurs Car Hiring Services

Take a look around the internet or in the real world and find out how many of the luxury cars exist. There are huge chances that there will be more than 100 different types of luxury cars and more than 30 luxury car manufacturers in the world. Many of the chauffeur’s car hire services tend to create a fleet with almost every types of cars, more possibly the chauffeur car services have a great fleet of luxury cars. Now, comparing the requirements of the chauffeur’s car services, about more than half the proportion of the luxury car transfer services have the Bentley cars as one of the priority cars in their fleet. In some of the prospective Bentley is the standalone luxury cars manufacturer filled with every advanced tech and functions. Look down and read to know all those features that make the Bentley chauffeur driven hire in London the best ever transfer services. Get to know why the chauffeurs do think the Bentley cars as the best choice for their service. Let’s reveal these facts by reading the information given below.


Solid, Classic and Spacious Designs

Bentley is well known for creating stunning cars with solid structures and design but the space inside the Bentley cars is something extraordinary. The humongous designs of the luxury cars Bentley make are stiff competition for the major luxury car manufacturers in the world and the overall ranking of Bentley is enough to place this manufacturing giant on the top rank list.

Comfortable View is Not Alone

Bentley cars are not only great to look at but the luxurious comforts are never missed in these cars. The material used on the seats, very soft leather uppercase, durable and resistant coverings is how Bentley makes this the coziest interiors. There are tons of features and functions Bentley use to implement inside their rock car models (Surround Sound Systems, Media Screens, Large foot area). This can be hard for everyone to ride on these gorgeous luxury car vehicles by Bentley but the Bentley chauffeur driven hire in London is making it easier for almost anyone.

Chauffeurs Making it Irresistible Deal

The professionally trained, fully dressed chauffeurs along with the luxury car hire services make it the irresistible deal for anyone. This just does not cost pocketful money to hire the cars by Bentley through the services, everyone in their life must give it a try for once and they would assuredly leave all other car services.

Chauffeurs are great assistants with the car transfer service making it easier to manage the huge luggage and carriages!

Anyone after reading the above information can be provoked to give a try to the Bentley chauffeur driven hire in London. The brilliant looks, tremendous functions inside the cars, plus abided by the finest comforts, this is a must luxury car hire service to be cared for by all of the chauffeur’s car hire services. All information on this page is accurate to a great level and the Bentley Motors is not promoted in anyways. That’s all!

The Most Comfortable Ever Luxury Car Chauffeur Service

Heavenly comfortable luxury car chauffeur service is one of the most reliable, instant transfer services. Out of all those car transfer services that are available on this planet, chauffeurs service is the best. Many aspects make it stand out of the comparison as this excels in each and every ways. Some cab services might offer you coolest looking cars, inside could be comfortable and there can be many different efforts done to make the rides relaxable and cozy. Although, after so many efforts and providing multiple features and support these cab services cannot compete with the most premium chauffeurs car services. People have shown the keen interest in the chauffeur’s car services and helped to grow it rapidly all around the world. Now, the people from all around the world make use of this transfer service for their various requirements. The ultimate use of the chauffeur’s service is to make the airport transfers, events transfers, and weddings transfers while it is a perfect holiday transfer companion service. Read what makes this high-end car transfer service rank on the top when compared with all other available car transfer services!


Holiday Transfers Made Simple

The routes to holiday destinations can be longer and transfer with full comfort can only define the relaxable journeys while making it enriched with fun and joy. If the comfort and ease are missing during the transfers then the frustration and tiredness may arise till reaching the destination. That’s not good for the rest of the holidays, anyone exhausted by the transfers cannot enjoy the most.

What to do here is to hire the luxury car chauffeur service, through this service anyone can get the most expensive and luxurious cars for the transfers. Choose the kind of car that is best suited for the spacious requirements to handle the baggage and materials carried along. The inside of the luxury cars will be extremely cozy and ride for an even full long day cannot suppress the fun and joy inside you.

Luxury Airport Transfers

Moving to the airport can be a hectic task if you are choosing the car transfers services rather than luxury car chauffeur service. The chauffeur’s service is easy to hire, submit the pick location and the drop locations and set the time for the service to arrive; it would arrive exactly at the scheduled time. Professionally trained chauffeurs along with could be really helpful so as to handle the baggage and carriages.

Best For Weddings and Events!

Enter to the event or wedding venues in gorgeous looking luxury cars. These cozy cars will influence the audience in no minutes of the entrance and while anyone will come out of these cars assisted by the chauffeur; the whole pace and the environment around will be changed and attracted towards. Wish to enjoy this moment thinking of right now? Go and hire the chauffeur service!

Luxury car chauffeur service is going to be the next biggest revolution as the people all over the planet would choose it over the rest of the car transfer services. Due to the immense great values of this luxury car service, this could become hard for anyone to deny it. Let’s seek and wait for the time when the world will shift to a luxury mode of transfers!

Need Assistance with travels? Online Chauffeur booking will help!

Longer distance travels can be really hectic and can easily make you tired. If it is considered that one will have to even drive the car to the longer distances, it is sure that anyone can get totally worn out or exhausted in this situation. There is, therefore, the great requirement for any assistive services that can make the longer travels feel cozy. Alike to this condition, there are some specific occasions like parties, weddings, etc where all some preferred and well-defined transfer service can make the things flow smoothly and perfectly. The assistance is the key point here, but do all of the services provide the best assistance you are finding? Believe that the answer is no for all. Why will Online Chauffeur service help and give you the assistance you are actually seeking? Read below to know about that!


From beginning to the end, see how good is Chauffeurs car driven service-

Online Booking for Luxury Cars

Do you have a Smartphone or the computer device with the active internet connection? No doubt, almost everyone on this globe is having these devices. As you shop for the clothes or shoes on the online e-commerce portals, this is all similar to book the luxury vehicle for you on the web. Just surf to the service providers’ website, put in your details and then finalize your booking after payment.

Decide the Pickup and Drop Locations Easily

While you book for the luxury car vehicle online you are asked to provide the pick and drop locations. You can use the map or the manual address filling fields so as to state those details. Nothing very difficult at all!

Meet and Greet Service by Professional Chauffeurs

The chauffeurs dressed in code with those entire aesthetic look can make an amazing moment where there will be the meet and greet pickups. So good it is to just read and think about the meet and greet service, excellent it is in reality. Apart from that these chauffeurs are always abiding you for any of the needs throughout the rides or the serving times. Whether it is to carry and manage your carriages or it is to take care of your material, they know all about how to perform it well.

High-End Luxury and Comfort

Right from the beginning, this is being stated that anyone can hire the luxury cars from the online chauffeur booking. These high-end vehicles are exceptionally comfortable and are fully featured with tons of functions implemented inside.

What Else Required for Your Better Travels!!

Don’t know what is left for this service, almost everything is there to make your rides or transfers great.

No other service has still arisen in the competition of the best Chauffeur transfer service and this service will lead the section till decades ahead. The way in which this car service is growing just gives a blink of an idea that soon the whole world will be making use of it for many of the aspects. Being it a general car transfer or it is any business executive car transfer; this service is going to rule as the best choice. Go and do the online chauffeur booking and most probably you will get the service ready to serve you in your place (Availability Matters)!

What Convinces People To Choose Prestige Car Hire?

Nothing represents luxury the perfect way prestige car hire London services do! It’s a perfect option to hang around in the UK attending special social or corporate events that run throughout the year. For many people visiting London, the annoying traffic ruins the overall experience. But if a professional chauffeur service is onboard with you, sightseeing could be more enjoyable for you. Your hands will stay steering-free while you visit destinations of your choice safe and sound.


There are many reasons why you might like to hire chauffeur hire with a car that makes you feel like a star on the road. Let’s explore in detail:

Chauffeur Is A One-Stop Solution

Do you know a majority of people go for prestige car hire London because it comes with a handful of benefits? Apart from giving you more reputation in the society, the luxury cars have become a crucial part of daily lives. It is cost-effective if you take a close look at the multiple servings it does. You can stop multiple times on the road for any reason. Click selfies wherever you find the best spot during the travel. Plus, you will never be bored with the stress of driving because chauffeurs will do that for you. So, it gives a feeling of fulfilling during the travel that every traveller craves for.

Add More Charm To Weddings

If you desire a VIP travel experience on your wedding day, prestige chauffeur hire is the perfect way to spoil you. Personalise the luxury way you arrive at the event. This luxury option suits every opulent event style that you may have in your mind. Travel in a stretched limousine with luxury amenities onboard and make your bride feel special. A strikingly appealing car flashing with luxury will certainly win her heart on the day.

Never Miss Out Any Place During Sightseeing

Ride with a pride on a luxury Rolls Royce on the London streets that will grab attention from people wherever you go. Experience the beauty of London with the experienced chauffeurs. Visit every nook and corner of the city without taking the stress of driving. Sightseeing of the Metropolis couldn’t be better than this. No matter how much traffic is there on the road, the chauffeurs will handle all the stress on the way. Plan out your day as you want, keeping the worries of travelling at bay.


Choosing prestige car hire London means complimenting your travel with a luxury option that everybody will appreciate. Be it any occasion or event, chauffeurs add more value to it by offering professional services. Other travel options do not offer the luxury class status the way chauffeurs rentals do. Add more to your confidence by riding in luxury cars with drivers and cash out the rewards that come along.

Pick only a reputed prestige car hire London service like GS Car Hire. We take care of your luxury travel needs very well with our elite class vehicles. Roam like a king in your favourite limousine that adds more fame to your name and your business identity. Talk to us today for a quick quote.

Choose Best & Cheap Chauffeur Service in London

When it comes to choosing cheap chauffeur service in ­­London, you need to do your homework well if you want to choose the best. An executive chauffeur car hire is a superior form of car and thus features of safety, security, and comfort must be adhered to, while at the same time also considering the cost. The belief that you have to break the bank to get executive car hire services in London is now a thing of the past.


According to experts in chauffeur services, before you book, you need to make an assessment and comparison of the qualification of the chauffeur services qualifications especially with regard to training. Also, consider the employees and fleet appearance and the safety cautions which the crew has implemented.

Safety and training

These are the most important factors which should be considered in selecting any chauffeured service. If you consider ground Transportation Company you need to inquire about vehicle safety records and safety standards. If the company is not willing to provide this information to you then consider that as a red flag and consider it as a company you should not hire. Similarly, chauffeurs should be well-trained and experienced on the job.

The chauffeur should be more qualified than a mere driver. The leading providers of executive chauffeur services in London test their candidates properly both off and on the road. They also ensure that their staff undergoes continuous training. The new chauffeurs may be required to work under the supervision of experienced chauffeurs until that time when they can comfortably and confidently drive on roads on their own.

Professional appearance

A chauffeur should have a professional appearance. A typical chauffeur should put on dark suits and white shirt or any other accepted uniform for a particular event. Poor dressing or appearance by chauffeur could be an indication that the company does not have the required degrees of service excellence or professionalism.

Fleet of Executive Vehicles

When it comes to considering the vehicles fleet of a cheap chauffeur service London, ensure that you consider the safety and style. What is the outwards appearance of the vehicles? Are they comfortably appointed and well-maintained?

Just the way you want a professional driver, you should likewise ensure that you get professional fleet which suits the nature of your business or event, or your taste. It is also important to consider the vehicle’s age.


Comparison of chauffeur service London rates from different companies can really help you in choosing the service which suits your budget. However, you should remember that you really don’t need to book discounted chauffeur service. In many cases, low prices do not guarantee the high quality you need. Thus, as you consider price, ensure that you also take note of the factors that assure you that the chauffeur service is professional, dependable and safe.

Get Best Travel Experience with Private Car Hire

To travel around any country, there is a different kind of options. The countries that provide all sorts of advanced transport facilities would be fully equipped with efficient road and rail networks. London has all modern amenities available in the world and the country has an excellent transport system too. However, when you choose a private car hire with driver over public transport in the country, you get to enjoy plenty of benefits. Let us take a look at some of these benefits.

Better Privacy

The local transport system in the country is good and covers almost the entire stretch of the country. However, if you want to enjoy a good amount of privacy during your trips, you should go for car rental in London. You will be able to move around the country without the disturbances caused by fellow travelers. When you travel with your family, you will be able to enjoy your trip better when you have a private vehicle.

Provides Comfort

When you rent a car in London for your trips, you will be able to enjoy a very comfortable ride. You can choose the vehicle as per your exact requirements. You can consider the number of people accompanying you, the amount of luggage and your travel needs and choose a vehicle that serves all these parameters. If you are on a business trip to the country, you can even rent out a limousine to make your trip luxurious. The London airport transfer would be much easier when you hire a limousine with a liveried chauffeur. Compared to the public transport modes, traveling in a private car provides immense comfort options.

Saves time

If you choose public transport for your internal trips within the country, you will have to wait at the bus terminals and train stations for the vehicles to arrive. Your preferred destination might not be very close to these stations and hence you will have to travel a little more distance after getting out of the bus or train to reach your preferred place. This will cost you a lot of time. When you choose a private car, you can drive to your exact destination without wasting time unnecessarily.

Enjoy more places

When you choose car rental for your trips, you will be able to stop by at any location that attracts your interest. While driving to a particular place in the country, you might suddenly come across an attractive restaurant. Had you traveled by bus, you wouldn’t be able to stop over and check out the restaurant. When you have your own private vehicle, you can turn on the indicators, park the vehicle and enter the restaurant without seeking anybody’s permission. Similarly, you can visit plenty of extra places when you have your own private vehicle to take you around the country. Driving in London is another experience altogether. The roads are well constructed and the highways in the island country are extremely beautiful.

Saves money

If you choose the right car rental deal and a fuel efficient vehicle, you will be able to save money too. Compared to the public transport options, you might find car rental charges to be costly but if you spend some time in choosing the right vehicle, you might change your opinion. When you travel by a bunch of people and when you have to travel to a lot of places in the country, private car hire with driver would be a much more cost effective option.

Executive Cars – Travel and Arrive in Style!!

Executive cars in London provide travelers the chance to travel in great comfort and style. The cars are meant for those people who travel different places frequently on their business purpose or something like that. Frankly speaking, finding good executive cars in London from a reliable service provider can really be a challenging task until and unless you concentrate on the core principles. So, no matter what your needs be while hiring airport cars London, it is important for a person to consider certain necessary things in mind.


Punctuality: The executive car service providers, available in London must be punctual and should uphold a thorough punctuality records. The car services, having good punctuality record takes pride in offering quality services. The service providers should inform you about where and when they will be meeting you and would wait if your flight got delayed. So good is their customer service that sometimes you will find them waiting patiently at the terminal in order to greet you with a card bearing your name and other details?

Flexibility: It is necessary to find out whether the service provider is flexible or not. Since plans do often change, meetings are rescheduled and flights get delayed, it is necessary to make sure that they come up with maximum flexibility and provide the best possible support. So, you need a service that can work effectively. To be very frank, it is something which a maximum number of companies find difficult to maintain, but the professional ones do manage it well.

Confidentiality: Giving value to your confidentiality needs is really a challenging thing for a good deal of companies. So you need to find a company which offers necessary NDA. This lets you have complete peace of mind when you are on the way to meetings. The NDAs must be broad enough to cover whatever you discuss. Be it personal or business related such arrangement forms a good trustworthy bonding between you and the driver.

Professional chauffeur service: Whenever you choose to select executive cars in London for your business needs, it is necessary to ensure that the driver is a thorough professional and well mannered. He should be skilled enough and must have good knowledge about the road and traffic conditions.

Elegance and comfort: Elegance and comfort are something that every sophisticated traveller must look for while hiring executive cars or minicabs in London. The cars create a great first impression and the luxury that one enjoys is something far apart from the standard ones. Well equipped with all the modern amenities including superior infotainment, leather seating arrangement and dynamic suspension, the executive cars in London make a real choice for executives on move. A person would be bereft of the comfort and luxury and won’t enjoy a happy ride if the car is not up to the mark. Besides cleanliness of the car is also a vital thing which needs to be taken proper care of.

Hence, once you get to know that they meet all the key principles, it would be easier for you to find the service provider in a better way.

The Royal Ascot 2017- Know the Exciting History Behind it!

For many people the opening race on the opening day of the annual 5 day Royal Ascot gathering in June is simply regarded as the Group 1, Queen Anne Stakes over one mile. People are well aware that the race usually attracts an extremely talented field of milers which could be colt or filly with an age limit of 4 years and that the winner will be one of the best at that distance in the world. This is so exciting isn’t it?

  • Not too many would realize why the race is called the Queen Anne Stakes with many more not knowing who even Queen Anne was and what significance she had as far as Royal Ascot meeting!
  • In fairness, there are many people who know that, Queen Anne way back in 1711 first mooted the idea of creating a large racecourse on the heath at East Cote (later to become Ascot), situated just 5 miles south of Windsor Castle and it was apparently her, who organized the first race meeting there. The meeting held in august same year.
  • Of course! That first meeting bears absolutely no similarity to the meeting that is has become 300 years on. In fact only 7 horses competed at that first meeting and they had to run thrice on the day over a distance of around 4 miles, with the winner being, presumably the last one standing well!
  • The meeting became popular for the next few years but then interest declined and was not revived again until the 1760’s by the Duke of Cumberland. His heavy interest stemmed from the stud and he ran at nearby Cranbourne and regular racing was soon went underway again and by 1768 it had already become a 4 day meeting.
  • Eventually in 1813, the parliament published a decision regarding the racecourse that, it would remain in the ownership of the Crown; its usage would be for the general public to enjoy the event. It was after that Act, that the Royal meeting really began to evolve and that is the reason why it has become one of Britain’s best loved sporting traditions today.
  • People from different regions visit this event, and I am sure, even you would want to check out this event either with your family or friends?

Why not travel with cars that are specially designed for these events? Or what we call it as event transportation? These event transportation bring comfy, style and aura that can make you feel so happy with the features it has.

Quick info about the meeting:

The meeting takes place over five days and hosts 30 races, with seven of them being at Group One level and seven at Group Two. Royal Ascot 2017 will be running from 21st – 24th June. Buy the tickets on discounted rates and try getting their into the groups as (they offer discounts on group tickets). I am going there for sure! Are you?

Professional Chauffeur Services – Things You Should Know About

As we know, Travelling is a biggest part of living. Whether you are a kid, a professional or anybody, no day passes without travelling from one place to another. It helps us to see new people and cultures and therefore it’s obviously one of the most fascinating things in the world. But increasingly the joys are being overshadowed by the pains associated with it. And the most recent faced problem is how to travel around when you reach your destination, how to get along easy shopping, food etc.

What to Look for When in Need?

The only possible way is to call a cab or ask someone to pick you up. The latter can be of a very limited scenario, as clearly you can’t have your people all over the world right? Mainly cabs are expensive and unreliable. So what else could you think of? That’s when the ‘chauffeur’ concept comes in. A chauffeur is essentially a person who drives a luxury car & assists in travelling. They aid on a preplanner basis.

Things to Keep in Mind-

  • There are a few tips to be keeping in mind before you pick up your phone and start calling any chauffeur agency. The first and most important step before you begin your journey is to plan everything well in advance.
  • Get a transparent idea of where and when you want to go and your mode of transport. Once that’s settled, you will be able to book your services at better and affordable rates.
  • Next step should be to find a professional chauffeur service. Today very many chauffeur rental services are available across the globe. Research per type location and requirements and narrow down your list as much as possible.
  • But the final decision should be taken only after checking out the credibility of the firm. Every chauffeur needs to be well trained and dedicated. The cars used should agree with the legal constrains, be properly registered and licensed. All this will ensure you a safe and hassle free trip to you and family.
  • After booking the services with the appropriate company, the next step should be to establish good communication with them and provide them timely instructions to ensure full fledge Co-operation from their side. Things such as the list of services required, arrival, etc are vital to both the parties and their on-time communication is essential.

The Early Scenario of Chauffeur Services-

In earlier times chauffeur services where limited to only the elite class. But this has fortunately given way to moderate rates as well as more number of services provided. Typical chauffeur service agencies in London today provide a wide number of services like executive service, wedding service etc. Then, there are high volume accounts for the business class and private chauffeur driven cars in a variety of places.

All in all, the basic idea of pre-ordered Chauffer assistance in any trip promises you ease of travel, and always we get the best value for ours. They take care of tight schedule, problems of reaching connecting flights, leisure travel and visiting important places etc. It reminds us of the joys of travel once again and one can plan their trip without worrying about the other issues.